About Us

Ventus Group is a wind turbine service provider enabling onshore and offshore wind farm owners to increase asset production and returns while driving down the risk and cost of energy.

Common challenge of the wind industry is rotor blade aerodynamic inefficiency and unbalance, causing wind turbines underperformance and load increase. Our range of products and services focuses on the reduction of wind turbines' risk and load to increase the annual energy output and enable long-lasting performance.

Our ability to listen to clients and fully understand their needs is fundamental to our success. Our multi-national team of highly specialized professionals from over thirteen countries identifies and analyzes possible scenarios to recommend the best solution. Each solution is unique to meet's client’s objectives by providing access to customized products and validated solutions. 

To provide a complete set of services, we continuously invest in our R&D. Our range of products includes Critical Components Condition Monitoring, fault detection and instant Alarm System (TripleCMASTM). By installing our proprietary and patented condition monitoring and instant alarm technology we will provide 24/7 risk monitoring service for wind turbines.