About Us

Ventus Group consist of several companies located in Austria and Denmark. Our value proposition is to help wind farm owners maximize production from their existing assets, and to drive down the cost of energy so that they earn more money on their current and future investments.

To increase annual energy output and enable long-lasting performance, also to reduce wind turbines risk and load, we offer various options for your wind farm that will meet your unique requirements and provide you with the output you need.

Our ability to listen to clients and fully understand their needs is fundamental to our success. After our team identifies and analyzes possible scenarios, we recommend the best option to meet your objectives by providing access to customized products and validated solutions.

Our main R&D work consists of a Critical Components Condition Monitoring, fault detection and instant Alarm System (TripleCMASTM). We will be able to monitor wind turbines risk 24h/7days by installing our proprietary and patented condition monitoring and instant alarm technology.