Service support system

We are currently developing a service support system that allows for efficient execution of field tasks related to the wind and other industries alike. With the Service Support System, we aim to enable field service providers across industries to have an almost real-time control of work in the field. We aim to maximize productivity by centralizing and planning all safety, procedural and quality control documentation in one comprehensive system, accessible across all popular platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux).

Some key features of the Service Support System include:

  • Plan and define specific instructions related to the upcoming tasks by service teams
  • Interaction with a live database – allowing access to equipment history, calibration information, work instructions, site and task related information is uploaded straight to the database.
  • Live multiple user interaction via chat - proven to be helpful for fault analysis. In addition, it aids to constantly growing Library that in turn helps with root cause analysis and updates of work instructions.
  • Reporting is done in real-time while key information is sent directly to a server or central database. This allows engineering and back-end support to start fault analysis immediately and provide the needed support to field teams.

Ultimately the Service Support System will be used as centralised system, eliminating duplication and loss of data by utilizing more sophisticated and safer technology like Cloud storage-based systems. In addition, it reduces the need of redundant paperwork which requires additional processing for recording to a database and adds to a negative impact on our environment.