Transport tracking system

We propose a system which is monitoring the asset from the assembly line, during transportation, until it is installed. Our tracking system will monitor and record vibrations, impact, noise etc. and notify the user when anything unusual happens to the asset.

Some of the key features of this system include:

  • Ability to monitor, record, set alarm conditions on any of the selected data: Acceleration (X, Y, Z axis), RMS Vibrations (X, Y, Z axis), Tilt, Temperature, Geolocation.
  • The communication would be done via 3G, 4G also possibly a satellite option when there is no reception available (in case of very remote areas / offshore environment). The system will store all relevant data and if the system becomes offline there will be a possibility to – upload data when connection becomes available, hence the user does not lose any important information.
  • The system would be supported by a web-based application that would allow the user to have real time tracking on the map and visualize all data. This makes sure that the user has full access and information about their shipments.