Assist in project development

We assist project owners and developers, banks and insurance companies in their development and in successfully establishing and taking over their wind park.


We provide a wide range of technical services carried out by qualified technical expertise widely recognized in renewable energy market, in order to provide the appropriate tools which secure the main business decisions, regardless of the scope of the project, the investment, or the phase of the life cycle.

Due Diligence Services:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site, Wind and Energy Assessment (P50, P75, P90)
  • Permitting Assessment (EIA, Licenses, Building Permit, etc.)/ Due Diligence and Review of wind farms
  • Technical Assessment of the Project
  • Site Suitability of the Wind Turbines according to the Standard IEC 61400-12
  • Technical Due Diligence on Projects at every stage of development
  • General Operating Functions and Technical analysis of design solutions
  • Technical analysis of rotor-hub system, electrical system of the Nacelle and Auxiliary Systems, Safety Systems, Tower, Automatic Control and SCADA, Condition Monitoring and compatibility with the grid
  • Analysis of the types of O&M services proposed

Contracts Services:

  • Contracts Consultancy: Technical Specifications for Tender, Technical and Economical Assessment of Tenders, Preparation and/or Revision of EPC, PPA and O&M Contracts
  • Technical Assistance during business negotiations
  • Business/Financial Model: assistance and preparation of the Financial Model
  • EPC Contracts: Analysis, review and assistance in the drafting of EPC contracts, Purchase and Contracts of O&M, Wind Farm equipment of Wind Turbines and Balance of Plant
  • Contracts, finance and commercial options for financing the wind farms and for the supply of wind turbines

We provide technical support during business negotiations for the drawing up of Supply and O&M Contracts of Wind Turbines and Balance of Plant.

Construction and O&M Services:

  • Monitoring of the Construction, Commissioning and Testing phase of the wind farms
  • O&M Service for wind farms Identification and Assessment of potential operational risks and provide solutions
  • Assessment on the technology of wind turbines for the Project
  • Preparation or review of the Technical Specification of wind turbines and Balance of Plant
  • Preparation or review of Term Sheets contracts for the O&M of wind turbines and Balance of Plant
  • Quality assurance
  • Preparation or review of EPC, PPA and O&M Contracts for wind turbines and Balance of Plant
  • Preparation of technical and economical documentation for international bids
  • Review of the timetable for the construction of the Project
  • Definition of the criteria for the provisional and final acceptance of the Project