Static & Dynamic Blade Pitch Verification

In order to detect the relative blade pitch misalignment between the wind turbine blades, we perform a visual inspection of the wind turbine while in operation (dynamic) and in still-stand position (static). The camera setup is located on the ground, targeting on the wind turbine blades.

The images captured during the measurement campaign are filtered, and then analyzed by our Data Scientists using innovative image processing technologies. If needed, then the relative blade pitch misalignment is adjusted and verified to be within acceptable tolerances while the wind turbine is in operation.

Key facts regarding WTG operating with relative blade pitch misalignment:

  • Leads to a significant power production loss. There is a general assumption in the industry that, even a 1° pitching angle difference between two blades could lead to up to 5% of power production loss.
  • Causes aerodynamic rotor imbalance, which leads to increased loads on different components of the wind turbine. This reduces lifetime and leads to consequential damages on the wind turbine structure and main components.

How to measure blade relative pitch misalignment (Ventus proprietary technique):

  1. Measure relative blade pitch misalignment from rotor in standing-still position to in full operation
  2. Measure relative difference in the blade aerodynamic efficiency
  3. Send measurement campaign summary to the customer including report with results, conclusions, and recommendations. All reports are accompanied by pictures and videos-captions.


Dynamic pitch small

Dynamic pitch small


Main highlights of our innovative techniques:

  1. Our proprietary technique for measuring the static and dynamic blade pitch misalignment is done during WTG’s start-up and normal operation to determine individual rotor blade pitch angles, individual rotor blade shape, bending and twist differences, etc.
  2. Based on our top-level analysis methods, it is possible to optimize a WTG’s output and reduce the loads on the blades and main components.