Drone inspections

Safe and Time Saving Aerial Inspections

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are setting the new standards for safe and time saving inspections. Our inspectors perform drone based inspections both on- and offshore. Inspection by drone requires a minimum setup and our drones can be launched easily from transfer vessels, if inspections are performed offshore. Using drones for onshore and offshore inspections is cost-efficient and it results in less downtime and safer operation. The high definition images delivered from our drone based cameras have been acknowledged as industry leading by major OEMs.



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drone inspection

Online Reporting Software

We use the latest cloud based reporting software to generate a clear overview of inspected hardware, whether it involves blades, tower or foundation. Thousands of high resolution images and the huge volume of data that is generated during an inspection are categorized and sorted according to a predefined damage matrix. The intuitive map based platform makes it easy to get a clear overview of asset status and any damages are easily traceable for future reference. Our software solution also makes it possible for us to deliver a detailed online inspection report within 24 hours of our inspectors leaving the site.

Processes during Drone Inspection

1 Data Collection

High quality images combined with precise location data form the base of successful asset management.

2 Database Storage

Images are stored on servers to give easy access for further evaluation.

3 Automated Image Processing

Damages can be automatically categorized according to a pre-set condition rating scale based on customer specifications.

4 Cloud Based Management

Map-based inspection platform gives a clear overview of both historic and present status. A powerful tool for establishing future actions.

drone inspection