LiDAR services

We provide high-level and state-of-the-art solutions for measuring, analysing, and optimizing wind farm and wind turbine performances. We are using a nacelle-based LiDAR technology to measure wind speed and wind direction in front of the rotor, and therefore be able to accurately detect the average yaw misalignment, turbulence intensity, among others, in front of the turbine and outside the buffer zone. Compared to standard measurement campaigns, as for example met-mast or cup anemometers, data can be collected much faster by a nacelle-based LiDAR solution. Moreover, the installation takes only about a half day and there is no need for special building permit, as often is necessary for onshore met-masts.

Yaw misalignment
It has an important influence on the power production, causing a decrease in performance and revenue, but also, it can cause excessive stress on the loads, leading to critical component failures, premature wear or shorter life cycle. Watch our video illustrating Yaw Misalignment Detection and Correction.

Nacelle transfer function (NTF)
Classical NTFs used to correct the nacelle anemometer output are generally calculated under free flow and they can lead to inaccurate wind speed. We provide a LiDAR-based NTF which is robust and turbine specific.



Power curve verification
Compared to met-masts, sufficient data to evaluate a WTG power curve performance can already be collected after few weeks for a quick verification, because more wind sectors with unaffected wind flow are available. We can also provide a full power curve verification in line with IEC standards typically in 20–30 weeks. Watch our video illustrating power curve verification.

Turbulences intensity (TI) 360° profile
TI is an important measurement when analyzing a WTG performance and behavior, as it is highly correlated with the power output. Additionally, high TI has significant impact on the mechanical fatigue and load of the WTG components. A turbine specific TI characterization offers many advantages, e.g., sector-wise advanced turbine control.

We offer four main LiDAR services for turbine performance optimization:

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