TO & EOW inspections

We can support you in finding potential problems before they are even visible. If done periodically, you will know early on if some key exposures are not performing as expected, and you can then convert unscheduled maintenance into preventive and scheduled services, and thus, protect the wind turbine against crucial problems that can cause costly failures and prolonged wind turbine downtime. That way, you will reduce unscheduled maintenance, improve availability, reduce repair costs, plan repair logistics more efficiently and add production and value over the long-term.

We can provide a large number of inspection services to the on- and offshore wind industry. Our inspection specialists are equipped with the latest methods and technologies to give a full documented report of findings, stating a clear overview of the current turbine status. Furthermore, the report includes a suggested list of actions to prevent further wear or damage on your asset.

The scalable inspection solutions can be tailor-made to individual customer needs, extending from a single specific inspection to complete inspection packages like for example before signing Take Over Certificate, Out of Warranty inspection, Due Diligence etc.