Drones piloted by our professional drone pilots for onshore and offshore inspections is cost-efficient and results in less downtime and safer operation of your wind turbine fleet.

Ventus drones are equipped with a high-resolution camera which captures cracks and holes as small as a few millimetres. High quality images are based on precise drone location data which is needed for successful blade assessment.

Ventus drone inspection services have been acknowledged by major OEMs and owners as industry leading technology.

As an independent third-party provider, we have extensive inspection experience and our established methods result in minimum turbine downtime.

Onshore inspection: blades and tower

Offshore inspection: blades, tower, and all types of foundation


Established drone setup allows wind turbine inspection to be easily launched both onshore and offshore. Drones are equipped with a high-resolution camera operated by professional crew.

Image capture and Storage

The thousands of high-resolution images generated during an inspection combined with precise data location are stored and are readily accessible by the client and for further evaluation.

Automated Image Processing

A detailed inspection report where damages are categorised according to a pre-set condition rating scale.

Online reporting

The intuitive map-based platform makes it easy to get a clear overview of asset status and any damages are easily located for future reference.


We also use drones for inspections in the energy sector. Our current drone applications for the energy sector are Drone Thermal Inspection and Power Line both Visual and LiDAR Inspection.


Drone Thermal Inspection:
We use Drone Thermal Inspection to assess large power plants very quickly. We fly our drones over the power plants to make an analysis of the thermal photos generated at the overfly.


The power lines are an essential infrastructure of the modern world. Surprisingly, many of the power lines were erected between 1950-1970 and almost 50-70 years old. Consequently, these require more frequent maintenance for which visual inspection is essential to identify and assess the affected areas.

Power line visual inspection

Ventus performs high-resolution visual inspection of the power line mast and cables. The visual inspection assesses any damaged area. Digital reports are produced on an online platform for better overview and prioritisation of the operation and maintenance tasks.