Ventus Insurance solutions

Ventus Gmbh is a specialist insurance broker inside the Ventus Group which provides insurance services in the wind industry sector. This part of Ventus Group is based on many years of international insurance know how combined with deep knowledge in wind turbine industry. Then management board has over 20 years of experience. Our service portfolio includes tailor-made insurance solutions for the most diverse areas in the life cycle of a wind turbine, including extend warranty on main components.

What makes Ventus Insurance so unique in the market?
Together we our partners we have developed new innovative insurance packages from end of warranty to year 20 and beyond. All risks of our clients are placed with first class insurance companies. All our partners have A-ratings from major rating agencies like Standard & Poors, AM Best, Fitch, Moodys etc. On the main benefits for using Ventus Insurance as a Partner in wind project, is that we have deep technical expertise in-house using our expert team from Ventus Engineering and of course a strong network of international partners.

The services Ventus Insurance offers are solutions for:

  • Construction property damage
  • Delay in start-up
  • Operational property damage
  • Machinery breakdown
  • Business Interruption
  • Terrorism
  • Third party public, products & pollution liability
  • Inland transit
  • Marine cargo transit
  • Marine delays in start-up
  • Liability insurance
  • Decommissioning
  • Extended Warranty

Special offer – VENTUS Turbine Warranty PLUS
Ventus developed a special solution for the case when the manufactures warranty is about to run out or has already run out. Because at that point the owner is responsible for any electrical and mechanical breakdown and that can lead to massive expenses for the repairs.
Exactly there fore we have developed the VENTUS Turbine Warranty PLUS protection plan which can shield the owner from those high costs because it will pay for parts, labour, one crane visit and reasonable costs of travel, including overnight stay required spent on the owners behalf by the owners operations & maintenance company to repair the turbine.

Main facts for this special solutions are:

  • Long term non-cancelable contract (3-5 years)
  • Contract con be renewed every 5 years
  • Maximum any one claim upt to € 250.000,-- (optionally also higher)
  • For almost every turbine younger than 20 years of age
  • Valid for electrical or mechanical breakdown of components listed in the main components schedule
  • Proper state of repair and maintenance


 cover flyer insurance

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