Take Over & End Of Warranty Inspection

We provide the required insights critical for the final negotiations on repairs and upgrades with the turbine supplier and insurance companies. Combining the long experience with different turbine models, alongside the expert team and the large range of in-house products and services Ventus Group can provide single specific inspection to complete inspection packages.


If done periodically, we can detect the key cause of the problem in early stages to prevent crucial problems that can cause costly failures and prolonged wind turbine downtime. Consequently, wind turbine operators can convert unscheduled maintenance into preventive and scheduled one. The output of the assets increases, as the repair, logistics, maintenance costs go down.


Due to the big range of in-house solutions we can carry out crucial inspection services for onshore and offshore wind turbine farms before the warranty expires. The scalable inspection solutions are tailor-made to individual customer needs, extending from a single specific inspection to complete inspection packages such as Take Over Certificate, Out of Warranty inspection, Due Diligence etc.


Our inspection specialists are equipped with the latest methods and technologies to give a full documented report of findings, stating a clear overview of the current turbine status. The report includes a suggested list of actions to prevent further wear or damage on your asset.