Ground based Blades Inspection

Ventus offers a ground-based blade inspection in high wind speed and complex terrain sites utilising a high-resolution camera mounted on a GigaPan system.

Fast response time compared to rope access

Minimizing personal risk from working at heights

Automated scanning process of blades by using Giga Pan moving head

52 Mb high resolution images

Image capture at high wind speeds

Data processing is also optimized in order to recognize the failure automatically, on a learning software scan on high resolution pictures


Ventus offers optimal camera set up to perform high resolution inspections with highly experienced crew also in harsh weather conditions.

Data Collection and Storage

The thousands of high resolution images generated during an inspection combined with precise data location are stored and accessible for the client and further evaluation. The high-definition images delivered from our cameras have been acknowledged by major OEMs as outstanding industry standard.

Automated Image Processing

A detailed inspection report with image processing damages are automatically categorized according to pre-set condition rating scale.

Online reporting

The intuitive map based platform makes it easy to get a clear overview of asset status and any damages are easily traceable for future reference.