Measuring the wind affecting a turbine has been a continuing problem in the wind energy industry. Accurate measurement of the power curve, average yaw misalignment, turbulence intensity profile and nacelle transfer function can be achieved through in-depth expertise harnessing the full power of nacelle-based LiDAR technology (Light Detection and Ranging).

Ventus Group is ready with a fleet of LiDAR instruments, along with in-depth expertise for measuring, analysing and optimising wind turbine performance. Our multiple types of LiDARs can obtain accurate measurements for all turbine makes and models both onshore and offshore. 

Fleet of LiDARs


Review and planning of feasibility on the wind turbine, whereas installation is possible on any kind of nacelle for all turbines and models. With a fleet of LiDARs we provide  a fast and flexible evaluation of the wind turbine in accordance with the IEC61400-12-1 standards.


Our highly experienced team of technicians temporarily mount the nacelle based LiDAR on top of the nacelle along with a number of calibrated instruments as well as a data collection and communication unit inside the nacelle.

Measurement & Analysis

The LiDAR measuring project can last between two and twenty weeks depending of the client’s wishes for gathering relevant wind data.


Yaw Misalignment

Turbulence Intensity 360° Profile

Power Curve & Nacelle Transfer Function

Ventus Offer



Verification after correction


Wake analysis

Sector management study and optimisation

Verification during commissioning 

Verification before end of warranty

Detection of and recommendations for potential underperformance

Conclude on nacelle transfer function


As an independent third party provider, our data scientists produce comprehensive and transparent reports unique to our client’s requirements. Our nacelle based LiDAR services are unique not only because of the technology we use but also the expertise of our team of data scientists on-board. Combined with other Ventus services such as SCADA data, TripleCMAS™ and Dynamic Blade Pitch Measurement, it enables our clients to fully maximise the output of their assets.


SERVICE PACKAGES 2 weeks 6 weeks 12 weeks 20 weeks
Yaw misalignment detection
Yaw misalignment detection, correction, and verification
Turbulence 360° profile report
Nacelle transfer function
Quick power curve report
Quick power curve report (pre & post WTG upgrade)
Full power curve verification report