As an independent third party, the Ventus team of Data Scientists and Engineers understand the raw operational data of a wind turbine. Using the data time series, the turbine logbook, and advanced in-house algorithms, we help our clients identify underperforming turbines, in-optimal operation, recurring faults, and more.  

Our cross-fleet analysis compares the data across multiple farms, allowing for a full picture of performance for any size portfolio. 

Ventus provides a report which identifies underperformance, common status codes, and other operational phenomenon. This helps wind farm owners and asset managers to make essential decisions and take the necessary steps with confidence. 

Data collection and Storage

The raw data, such as SCADA, logbook, and parameter data, is synchronised by our team of scientists. The collected data is stored locally, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of a wind turbine.


With an in-house developed algorithms, our team of data scientists study and analyse trends, time series, correlations and missing data of each individual turbine across the wind farm to assimilate all the data and identify: 

unusual downtime, faulty sensors, etc.
failure analysis: statistics and root-cause identification
analysis of production losses (including ranking)
availability analysis according to maintenance contract and production (ranking)
analysis of lost or limited availability of equipment (including ranking)
across-fleet analysis of the parameter settings
compliance analysis: interaction and correlation of wind turbine sensors
performance analysis: pre & post-software updates, incorrect criterion, etc.


The results of the analyses are generated in a standard report which identifies any specific issues related to the wind turbines. The summary of all findings is included in a comprehensive report of results, conclusions, and further recommendations.

SCADA data reports can be produced and presented to the client on a monthly basis

Our clients put their trust in Ventus because of our proven industry experience and we deliver projects managed from start to finish. Our broad portfolio allows us to detect the issues and support our clients with after-SCADA Analysis services such as Drone Inspection, LiDAR services and Blade Pitch Measurement to fully optimise the wind turbine potential and increase the value of the asset.