Ventus Group has developed a new technology and method to efficiently measure blade pitch angle misalignment while the turbine is still in operation. The set up consist of high-speed camera coupled with onsite image processing software.

1° of relative blade pitch angle misalignment between two blades could result in 2% loss of power production and additional loads.

Ventus Group dynamic relative blade pitch angle misalignment technology detects relative blade pitch misalignment between the wind turbine blades of onshore and offshore wind turbines.

Our clients put their trust in our top-level analysis methods and documented results, to balance the rotor optimising the wind turbine output and reduce loads on the blades and other main components.





The equipment consists of a high-speed camera setup connected to an industrial laptop operating Ventus proprietary image processing software. The setup is located on the ground for onshore measurements or onboard a vessel for offshore measurements, targeting the wind turbine blades.


After the calculation of the reference angles for each blade, the relative blade pitch angle misalignment between the three blades can be determined for the dynamic measurement.

Automated image processing

The images are filtered and analysed directly on site using Ventus proprietary automated image analysis software and methodology. The software uses multiple image processing and machine learning features such as pattern and feature recognition, pixel coordinates detection, etc.


The findings are provided to the customer in the form of a report including results, conclusions and recommendations.


Report based on severity of analysed misalignment and detected blade failure

GIF files of the misalignment

Detection of any other irregularities of the rotor performance